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Years of Commitment, Experience and Partnership in Lending

Our MISSION is to provide our partners with the support and industry knowledge that deliver valuable solutions, cultivating financial success.

Our VISION is to continue serving the mortgage community with straight-forward, resourceful customer and operational service that deliver answers and results to our partners empowering them to implement their optimal business strategies and offer competitive loan products.
Our VALUES are providing only the best-in-class service and fair dealings to our partnerships. RPF is focused on continuing the advancement of mortgage lending as a whole and adding liquidity to the industry at large.

About Royal Pacific Funding

Our Story

Royal Pacific Funding was founded in 1991 as a wholesale residential mortgage lender in Orange County, California. Over the years, RPF has evolved into a premier lender with its wholesale channel operating under Bluepoint Mortgage – a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Pacific Funding Corp., and a FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA approved seller/issuer. The company is now licensed to lend in 29 states and continues to grow its reach nationwide. RPF has not only endured but flourished in the housing market over the last three decades, fine-tuning its business strategies and gaining valuable insights along the way. With 30 years of commitment and service to the lending community, RPF shares that knowledge with its respected partners.

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Leadership Team

RPF Leadership

Royal Pacific Funding is privileged to have an experienced and esteemed leadership team, rooted in many years of excellence within the mortgage industry.

Sam Soliman

Founder and CEO

Sam Soliman is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Pacific Funding Corporation. A dynamic and innovative entrepreneur, Sam has grown Royal Pacific from start-up to one of the largest Wholesale lenders in the Nation for the last 3 years. Sam’s 31 years’ experience in financial services has contributed to the growth, development, and evolution of the Company since its founding in 1991.  Risk management, brand, technology, customer experience, talent development, and diversity are always his priority. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University Long Beach.

Mark Matta

COO and Managing Director

Mark Matta serves as both Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Royal Pacific Funding and its Wholesale Platform, BluePoint Mortgage. Mark joined Royal Pacific Funding in 2008 as Operations Manager and has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, after serving as Managing Director for 8 years. In addition to his tenure at RPF, Mark has previously held key leadership positions at several mortgage institutions, including In-house Lender and Borrowers Direct, spanning over a 20+ year career. At RPF Mark oversees day to day mortgage operations including; Finance, Credit Risk, Sales, and Capital/Secondary Markets. Mark has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae while simultaneously growing our national portfolio and expanding our footprint. Mark holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Long Beach.

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